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About the Show

Marketing is often considered a nice to have, not a must have. “Let’s get business first”, is what one has often heard. However, MARKETING WHEN DONE RIGHT, GETS BUSINESS. In this show marketing stalwarts talk about how marketing works in the real world. You will learn how marketing will help you to

  • Win business
  • Acquire new consumers
  • Grow the brand
  • Build defensibility
  • Command higher pricing power.

Vani Dandia is an award winning marketeer who has spent over two decades in advertising and marketing with Unilever, PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser, Henkel, BBDO and Leo Burnett. Her claim to fame includes turning around Kurkure and successfully launching brands like Quaker, Veet, Sunsilk Colour, Fa in India and Asia.

A super 'sonic identity' will deliver super-sonic growth! [#16]

In today's ultra-cluttered mind, media and madness how does one make a brand stick in the consumer's mind? By creating distinctive brand assets. A strong sonic identity is one such. Listen on!

Why strategy and creative for TV and Digital are necessarily different? | Karan Amin [#15]

In this mobile-first world, one must include YouTube in the marketing plan. But is it wise to blindly copy-paste TV ads on YouTube and make them un-skippable? In this episode, Vani speaks with Karan Amin, who explains the difference between TV and digital and what brands must do to win at digital.

Can Instagram Build Reach? | Pawan Sarda @ Future Group[#4]

Are you someone who checks out the Instagram page of a brand first rather than stopping by at their website?

Why Nike doesn't do funny shit | Bobby Pawar @ Hawas Group[#3]

Building a brand is just like a jigsaw. And a clearly defined brand philosophy is one such crucial piece!

The Whole Truth of Challenger Marketing | Shashank Mehta @ The Whole Truth Foods [#2]

I don’t think consumers differentiate between 85 and 90, people only differentiate between 0 and 100.

Video Marketing is going viral! | Aashish Chopra @ ixigo.com [#1]

Creating is easy, what to create is a million-dollar question!


Marketing Stalwarts

Aashish Chopra

Vice President(Content Marketing), ixigo.com

Bobby Pawar

Chairman,Havas Group

Shashank Mehta

Founder & CEO, The Whole Truth Foods

Shankar Prasad

Founder, Plum Goodness

Ambi Parmeswaran

Founder, brandbuilding.com

Dhruv Chitgopekar

Co-founder & CEO, BigBang.Social

Prasad Kaushik

IMG eCommerce Development Manager, Ford Motor Company

Lloyd Mathias

Angel Investor & Business Strategist

Manisha Kapoor

Secretary General, The Advertising Standards Council of India

Pawan Sarda

Group CMO, Future Group

Subhash Kamath

CEO, BBH & Publicis Worldwide

Shubho Sengupta

Director(Media & Creative), MyGov.com

And many more.

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