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Hi! I’m Vani.

After spending over two decades in advertising and marketing with Unilever, PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser, Henkel, BBDO and Leo Burnett, I wanted to taste the zing and zip-zap-zoom of the entrepreneurial world!

With CherryPeachPlum - I bring marketing to you my way!

It is different from what you read in the books or see at corporates. The principles are the same yet it's my version of growth marketing. It is adapted to what works in the real world. Its practical. Brutally simple. And highly effective in driving business growth.

CherryPeachPlum is different from any other consultancy:

  • πŸ’ No one at CherryPeachPlum has any consultancy background. Only real-world industry experience.
  • πŸ’ We do not just advise. We do. We work in the trenches with your team. We are your external co-founder / CMO / Chief Growth Officer.
  • πŸ’ We offer the full package of end-to-end services - Not just consulting but also services like Design, Packaging, Website development, SEO, Brand identity document, Creative, Advertising, Store design etc.
  • πŸ’ We strictly believe that growth marketing does not mean high-decibel-level-big-budget marketing.

Bring us on board because:

  • πŸ’ You get results. Fast.
  • πŸ’ You do not have to spend time scouting for creative or other agencies
  • πŸ’ You do not have to worry about getting work done from agencies - the briefing, agreeing to deliverables, timeline management etc are all taken care of by CherryPeachPlum.
  • πŸ’ You do not have to separately invest in capability building for your team. Your team has the benefit of learning by doing. Additionally, CherryPeachPlum can also take workshops so that at the end of the day you have tangible solutions for your specific business problem.

Isn’t this fabulous?!



We’re spending a lot of money but not getting the growth we’d like to. Not sure where we’re going wrong?!

  • πŸ’ Built conviction internally on why we are best placed to appropriate category high ground in secondhand car sales.
  • πŸ’ Develop a growth strategy for the future via multiple workshops, working with the team, understanding business through the eyes of different functions and extended ecosystem partners.
  • πŸ’ Conceived and produced a new campaign via an outsourced team of subject experts (freelance copywriter, media expert, digital marketing expert, influencer agency, celebrity consultant, qualitative research agency and a celebrity management agency).
  • πŸ’ Sales training workshops to roll out the relaunch and build conviction for the new strategic direction.

  • πŸ’ Delivered 40%+ growth in less than 3 months of the relaunch
  • πŸ’ A new brand proposition and tag line
  • πŸ’ Integrated communication campaign with celebrities for different media (TV, Radio, Outdoor, in-store designs etc).
  • πŸ’ Developed and executed market specific roll out plans separately for new launch geographies (Chennai and Bangalore) and for established fortress geographies (Delhi for example).
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Your outsourced CMO and Growth Officer!

We agree on milestones and the activities necessary to get there. It’s the best combination of long-term success and speed in the short-term!

3-6 months project, with defined goals.

We define the business problem, design the solution, iterate if necessary, implement, and achieve business goals.

Pre-work Workshop Output

You brief us on your business problem. We do some pre work. At the end of the day you have tangible output that you can take forward.

Because this is most definitely the song for 2020. And 2021. Put on your fishnet stockings and dance those blues away! Why? Because it's good for business. When we're happy, everything starts to look up!

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