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Dabur Logo

Consulted with Dabur for over a year on their full personal care, home care range – Used challenger marketing principles to relaunch, rehaul packaging and develop new creatives.

Mars Foods
Mars Foods Logo

Developed the full market entry strategy in just about 3 months. We developed about 7 different concepts, with prototypes against each, each consumer co-created and tested.

Sonia Logo

Over the course of 7 months, we launched several FMCG products in Ghana and Nigeria under Kivo and Sonia.

ArcelorMittal Logo

In India, steel for construction is understood as the hidden part - that goes into the foundation of the building.

Happilo Logo

HOW DO YOU CONVERT A COMMODITY INTO A BRAND? A nut is a nut. Ours are better - but we can't overwhelm the consumer with nutritional gyaan.

Tiber Taber
Tiber Taber Logo

EDUCATING MOTHERS ON THE RIGHT DHOTI FOR THE 5 YEAR OLD! Ethnic wear for a child seems like the same ghaghra and dhoti stitched in a smaller size.

Fit & Flex
Fit & Flex Logo

GET INDIA TO EAT GRANOLA WHEN THEY HAVEN'T YET TAKEN TO CORN FLAKES! We started during Covid years, and today Fit & Flex is a Shark Tank featured brand boasting a diverse portfolio – India’s first savoury granola and multigrain mixture, granola and muesli, India’s first no cooking oats, chocolate coated granola bites, and a lot more in the pipeline.

The Baker's Dozen
The Baker's Dozen Logo

They wanted to know who their consumer was and what motivated them to purchase their products in order to further strengthen the brand.

Fitterfly Logo

Doing the right things but not reaching enough people, and they didn’t inspire trust as a brand.

Medfin Logo

Medfin is a medtech startup competing against big players in elective surgery that have built a name for themselves through hiring big fancy Bolly celebs.

Chorus Call
Chorus Call Logo

Chorus Call is a global teleconferencing service provider offering state-of-the-art conferencing, video conferencing, and media streaming services.

Josh Talks
Josh Talks Logo

They simply wanted the world to know the scale and impact of what they do.

Cars24 Logo

“We’re spending a lot of money but not getting the growth. We're not sure where we’re going wrong”.

Cashify Logo

Cashify wanted to accelerate their current growth through a new proposition.

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