We have several easy product packages for you to choose from.
Accelerating sales is now as easy as cherry picking!

  1. Scoping out the opportunity – What is the consumer need? Can we create a need? What is the competition – direct or indirect? Do we have idle assets like manufacturing lines that can be used, if we were to identify the right opportunity?
  2. Goals Definition – What should be our business and marketing goals for the first year? First 3 years? Well defined goals, with clarity on assumptions is the starting point of success.
  3. Creating an NPD Charter Document at the start of the project – Agreeing on consumer opportunity, market size, what are the resources available and needed, assumptions, constraints, goals etc all on one document that serves as the guiding charter for the NPD.
  4. Defining the consumer – Which consumer segments should we be going after? What is the market size for each?
  5. Insight mining – The ‘why’ behind what consumers say, claim, do or buy.
  6. Crafting the full product bundle – Product and claims, packaging, or the bundle of services, SKUs and pack sizes, portfolio for each platform etc.
  7. Creating the full comprehensive brand book
  8. Build the Marketing plan including the brand architecture as needed We will deliver the full package, from design to execution, right down to creating the right dashboards for tracking success and making iterative changes where necessary. We execute via our own network of agencies and freelancers (see rate card here – link it) so we can get moving quickly, at the right price, most importantly with the assurance of quality work.

You have POC, prototype, MVP.. even a Product Market Fit. But how should you take your products or services to market? Why will people buy? How will you scale up? What is the most effective and cost-efficient media to reach your consumers? Do you have the right portfolio? Right pricing? Channel strategies? Revenue Optimization? Here are the details of what we offer :

  1. Communication and Media strategy – what is the communication idea, execution across media, or the necessary collaterals (physical and digital) needed for different stakeholders in the purchase journey for a B2C or a B2B.
  2. Markets – where should I play? What should be the test pilot and then expansion strategy?
  3. Market penetration or consumption increase strategies - How can we increase sales in existing markets with the right product, SKUs, channel and media strategy? Lower the Customer Acquisition Cost? Increase consumption among current users?
  4. Channel and Go-To-Market Strategy - including visibility and merchandising strategy or outreach plan in case of B2B. This will include the right portfolio X pricing X channel strategies.
  5. Explore alternate channel strategies like partnership led distribution model to expand reach to new consumers – for example selling health insurance through medical clinics.
  6. Brand Architecture - What will be the right branding strategy that will serve long term business goals?
  7. Revenue Optimization – while maximizing value for the business, consumer and trade. P&L and ROI analysis included.
  8. Developing the Dashboard of metrics to track success. We build a comprehensive marketing plan. Then we help execute via your team and agencies. And deliver results.

What will be the right branding strategy that will serve long term business goals? This will be important if you have different product categories, variants in the same category, or you have both a mass and a premium portfolio, or different consumer segments to serve. Should you opt for a branded house like Colgate, or a house of brands like Unilever, or sub brands like Lays Max and Kelloggs Chocos? There are other branding strategies too – each has implications on business, and the consumer appraisal of the brand, in the short term and the long term.

Comprehensive Brand Book = Brand Basics + Brand Style Guide
See below.

This is your strategic guide to the business you are in. It defines your proposition, discriminator, reason to believe, vision and mission statement, brand story telling…. All in one place. In addition, this also captures your Unique Brand Style so that your consumers, vendors, partners, employees, investors etc all see one persona of the brand in all the communication or collaterals (online or offline).

Why is this your simplest and most important tool to get ahead? Because a consistent brand builds trust. And trust wins business. This is true for B2C. And even more for B2B.

  1. Brand Vision - Where do we want to go? (this is a statement of our long-term ambition for the company. This must leave us inspired and reaching for the stars)
  2. Brand Mission Statement - How are we going to get there?
  3. Competition – What is our market and who do we define as our competition?
  4. Brand Proposition – What do we offer from a consumer lens?
  5. Brand Purpose: Why do we exist?
  6. Differentiator/ What's Distinctive -Why are we different from all others? Or how can we carve a different space from all others, such that our Vision stands tall vs all competition.
  7. Credibility - Why will people believe us? What tangible 'reasons to believe' can we offer such that our values and our proposition become credible to our consumers?

  1. Logo Usage Guidelines – How should the logo be used and not used?
  2. Brand colour palette – visual, aural or sensorial signatures.
  3. Typography – What are our primary and secondary fonts? Usage guidelines.
  4. Photography/ illustrations/ images – what is our style? References for what we mean.
  5. Brand personality: what words/ feelings/ moods will we associate with our company that will be different from competition?
  6. Brand values – What values guide both our everyday work and the big stuff? What will we never do no matter how tough business might be?

Craft the right brand proposition and recommend the right media to reach our consumers. We write the integrated communication strategy and executing via agencies end to end. This will include briefing agencies, arriving at the campaign idea, developing executions for different media, developing the key visual and final designs for in-store collaterals, new packaging, digital strategy, website redesign etc. The fee quote will depend on a case to case basis depending on the scope of work needed.

Brands relaunch for several reasons – to shed old perceptions, create a new identity, to enable entry to new consumer segments, to enable geographic expansion, change business lines, expand portfolio, walk away from a scam or crisis etc. A brand relaunch is as much work if not more as compared to a new brand launch as it requires changing perceptions. This will mean rethinking the strategy for the relaunch, recrafting new product/ service bundle, the brand proposition, brand architecture, communication, and media strategy to cast aside the old and acquire a new identity, complete market and store roll out.

You brief us on your business problem. We do some pre work. At the end of the day you have tangible output that you can take forward. You could be looking to Reinvent the business. Or add new revenue streams. Or get solutions to just about any business problem. Here are some examples:

  • We would like to explore new concepts in good-for-you foods that can form the next $100mn business for us in the next 5 years.
  • We would like to create a category called cheese snacking – what new formats in product or packaging could we explore, and how can we get consumers to adopt cheese as part of their regular snacking basket?
  • We offer a new warehousing solution - How can we create awareness and adoption by enterprises for whom warehousing costs and efficiency is critical to their success?
  • We would like to create a new category - plant based milk. (We do not have the money for a long-term assignment)
  • What are the different routes we can explore to get consumers to sell their old car to us?
  • Today we are a very male muscle building brand. But we wish to expand to all nutri- supplements for the entire family. What could be the different routes we could explore (via - communication, new proposition, new brand vs sub brands, new store design – can we explore everything possible?)
  • How can we get people to adopt solar power for their everyday regular home usage? We have the right product offering, we have done a lot of talking and explaining, we have tried discounting, yet why are people averse to changing behaviour.
  • India loves whiskey. How can we make rum as big as whiskey? These are just some of the questions that we have resolved or can do via the proprietary creative frameworks that we use at CherryPeachPlum. We do some pre-work to understand your business and category, in some cases we may even do some consumer research, and then workshop with a hand-picked bunch from your company (usually a cross-functional team) to arrive at tangible solutions forward.

In corona times adding digital fulfilment or serving contactless at different points could be most critical to survival. How can I take my business on digital, or add a viable new revenue stream of business by enabling digitization? The most significant services under this include:

  • New website/ new app development
  • Ecommerce channel sales set up
  • SEO
  • Growing traffic for generating leads
  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

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